lowlevel audio synthesis subsystem. modular analog synthesizer in software

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design ideas

here are all design ideas/philosophy considered during the design of subsynth

current design

   software architechture overview
   - what does SUBSYNTH look like?

   - audio network
     - network of modules connected by terminals
     - a module can be
       - a generator of sound
       - a filter for sound
       - a receiver of sound
     - each module has any number of input and output terminals
     - data is propagated to and from the terminals using a generic data signal
     - generic data signal
       - represented as an array of samples
       - facilitates non-audio data as well (controllers)
         - amplitude controler
         - pitch
         - dc offset
         - echo/reverb
         - distortion

   - real time aspects, task managment
      - task managment
      - metrics
      - scheduler (plugable)

   - viewer
      - configuration
      - metrics

   software architechture details

no description available yet.,..

UML view of the currently implemented system...

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