lowlevel audio synthesis subsystem. modular analog synthesizer in software

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prior work
  - aRts
    - modular analog synthesizer in software
  - VAS
   - Navel Research Labs (NRL), Hesham Fouad
  - VSS
   - University of Illinois, Sumit Das, Camille Goudeseune
   - http://www.isl.uiuc.edu/software/vss_tutorial/sonifications/HowTo.html
   - http://www.isl.uiuc.edu/software/vss_tutorial/index.html
   - http://www.isl.uiuc.edu/software/software.html
  - synthesis toolkit (STK)
    - http://ccrma-www.stanford.edu/software/stk/information.html
    - massively parallel additive synthesis
    - University of Illinois, Urbana Champagne
  - moog and other old modulars..
  - lake dsp
  - Audio Works (paradigm/multigen)
  - fraunhofer
  - diva
    - instrument modeling.
  - gnu.org - octal
    - engine plus GUI, implements unit generator concept
    - click here for
  - CSound  (Win32, Linux, Mac, IRIX, etc...)
    - many synth methods, scripting language only
  - SuperCollider (Mac only)
    - many synth methods, scripting language only
  - Music DSP, http://www.musicdsp.org/.  Very good resource!!!
  - A DSP Primer : With Applications to Digital Audio and Computer Music
    by Ken Steiglitz, Kenneth Steiglitz
  - game programming gems 2 (audio section)
    by Mark DeLoura (Editor)
  - oss http://www.opensound.com/pguide/oss.pdf
    - read my OSS Notes (much shorter to read!)
    - good source of digital audio background (if you don't want to buy a book)
  - some notes on various sound APIs, how they are implemented, sound configuration/access methods they present to the user.
    - read my sound.api.notes
  - FFT
  - cowdio @ sf.net
    - a few filters that work well in realtime...
  - http://linux-sound.org
    - lots of soft synths here.
  - generation of pink (1/f) noise - Robin Whittle  rw@firstpr.com.au
    - http://www.firstpr.com.au/dsp/pink-noise/
  - rbj filter
    - http://www.harmony-central.com/Computer/Programming/Audio-EQ-Cookbook.txt
  - midi note to frequency conversion chart
  - FreeVerb, great opensource reverb toolkit....
Books (I recommend)
  x The Computer Music Tutorial, Roads, Curtis
  x Computer Music: Synthesis, Composition, and Performance -- by Charles Dodge, Thomas A. Jerse

Books to Read
  - Elements of Computer Music, Moore, F.
  - Musical Signal Processing (Studies on New Music Research, 2), Curtis Roads
  - Digital Filters by R. W. Hamming
  - DSP Filter Cookbook
    by Jayant Datta (Editor), Brent Karley, John Lane, Jay Norwood

Other Books
  - "Vintage Synthesizers" by Mark Vail. Very good description of all those antiques we love! 
  - "Electric Sound" by Joel Chadabe. Interviews with over 150 synth pioneers.
keywords to search for:
  - Computer Music
  - Music DSP
  - Music Signal Processing
  - acoustic modeling
  - software synth 
  - analog synth

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